I'm a very energetic, goofy, and llama-obsessed person! I got my start in radio when I was 19 years old and fell in love with the microphone, I'm working on graduating with BA in Radio and Television this coming December with plans of moving to New Zealand within a few years (mom and dad, if you're reading're coming too) I'm constantly wanting to be outside soaking up the sun and being active, I have also been a lifeguard for 8 years.....8 YEARS, that's more than a third of my life!!!!!! Fun fact: My very first save was when I was in sixth grade when someone fell into the river and got caught in the current, then I retrieved them (This wasn't safe on my part, so don't try this on your own)...but anyway back on track.... My favorite type of music is House, EDM, Dubstep, and basically just noises I guess. "This is music!" -SNL. I have a love for Da Bears, even though I'm still learning a lot about football, but my true love for sporting events is the Summer Olympics....(Nobody would care about swimming if the olympics didn't exist) My life basically revolves around the TV those couple of weeks. Buuut anywayyyy, I never wear matching socks, not because I'm rebellious, but I can just never find its partner :( dats all.

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