Woman wrestles gator to protect children at middle school


Jessica McGregor, a mother of two, was near a Florida middle school when she saw an alligator in the school yard.  It would take a couple of hours for a trapper to get there and the kids were about to get out of class so she decided to do it herself.  Not wanting to shoot her gun and frighten the kids, she got some rope, tied a noose, got it around the gator, and dragged him out of the bushes. She got it turned around and when it began thrashing, and she just watched as it tired itself out. She then threw the rope over him and dropped down and straddled it, got her hands around its snout, and taped its mouth shut.  She said, “I've lived in Lake County my whole life. Back in the day, you had these things come up on your land, and you just caught 'em up and threw 'em back in the nearest watering hole.”


Courtesy of The Stir