Walk to End Alzheimer's THIS WEEKEND!

Hey guys,


I KNOW there are tons of charities around and tons of walks for different causes.  I wanted to let you know about one I'm involved in every year.  The Walk to End Alzheimer's is special to me because towards the end of her life, my grandmother suffered from dementia type symptoms.  Though never officially diagnosed (because we were more focussed on her kidney problems which eventually ended her life) we knew something was wrong.  Alzheimer's is a huge killer in the U.S. and there is NO CURE and NO TREATMENT.  Imagine not knowing who your loved one's are as you are dying.  It's awful. You can join me Saturday and join a team or walk as an individual.  Here's where you can sign up.  I hope you can make it.  Join me in becoming an Alzheimer's Champion.