Top 10 Weird things found in people's stomachs

Here are ten of the weirdest finds that doctors have made when it comes to odd ingestions.

1. Coins - one Frenchman even ate 350 of them.

2. A diamond ring - one man swallowed an engagement ring after he realized he couldn't afford it.

3. Hair - one 18 year old ate 10lbs of her own hair.

4. Magnetic Toys - toddlers think magnetic toys are candy.

5. Fork - one woman ate a fork - but only because she was trying to fetch a cockroach she had accidentally swallowed out of her mouth.

6. Nails - One woman had 199 nails in her stomach, which she complained gave her cramps.

7. Bed springs - prisoners eat crazy things they can find in their cell either for a "vacation" to the hospital or suicidal tendencies - including bed springs.

8. Bullet - one woman bit into a hot dog and accidentally swallowed a bullet.

9. Chain - one man had 236 different metal objects in his stomach at once, including a chain.

10. Toothbrush - A 19 year old with no gag reflex was brushing her tongue and swallowed her own toothbrush.