Things he should've been more up front about

Baby Daddy. This one’s tricky to hide after a while but attempts have been made by some. This isn’t always a deal breaker but it’s potentially a game-changer.

STDs. If he doesn’t tell you he’s positive before getting in your pants, have him arrested. Seriously. Because it’s criminal negligence.

Bipolar or Borderline Or any severe mental illness. It doesn’t hurt to know that mood swings are a special off-menu item. Clears up some nagging questions at the very least.

Mama's Boy. It’s one thing to be close to your family and it’s another to be named Oedipus not ironically. Be sure to know which one he is.

He's Married. Check for the tan line on his ring finger.

Criminal History. It’ll provide colorful conversation over the crab cakes


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