Styles inspired by Honey Boo Boo

8 Styles Inspired by 'Honey Boo Boo' from

Honey Boo Boo's plaids And just like that, Honey Boo Boo is right on cue with fall. Her plaid crop top is a little too skimpy for the upcoming chilly weather, but you can mimic her spot-on style with a mid-drift covering flannel (Classic Gingham Print Shirt, $19.90) and a cozy fedora to match (Wool Fedora, $14.80).

Mamma's firm hold Taking family photos outside might've made Mamma "sweat more than a whore in church" but let's talk about the one thing on June not covered in her sweat: Her hair. Mamma's keepin' it together with a move-proof hairspray (Spray & Stay Intense Hold Hairspray, $14.99) and a heat resistant spray (Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray, $18.95). Let's all take a moment to remind ourselves that a little paint on this barn shine it back to its original condition.

Chickadee's boho style Chickadee is killin' it in her laid-back, boho style. She spruces up a tribal dress (Belted One Shoulder Aztec Dress, $25.00) with slouchy boots (Flat Mid-Calf Slouch Boot, $15.50), and the look comes together quicker than Sketti on a Tuesday night.

Pumpkin's long and flowy dress Is anybody else still wearing maxis this time of year aside from Pumpkin? Step right on up if you are, 'cause lady has got it goin' on. Girlfriend plays up her maxi dress (Silence & Noise Kingston Maxi Dress, $59.99) with a cardigan, but I say pair it with an oversized sweater for an easy fall look.

Boo Boo's bows Like Boo Boo's top? Good, 'cause bows are back and they're better than ever. Little Miss Diva herself keeps it real with a dark top with rich colors but you can play up the bow-tie look (Rennes-les-Bains Top, $52.99) with neutrals and black.

Chubbs' stripes Chubbs is my girl -- and if Chubbs is decked out in stripes, hell, so am I. While she opts for a plunging V-neck top to chillax in, my vote is for a cowl neck (Essential Striped Cowl Neck Top, $15.80): It's a look that works for office wear and for off-duty wear.

Mamma's sleek part Curious how Mamma got that middle part to look so sleek and stylish? Bet she used a styling cream (Bumble and bumble. styling creme, $25.00) to keep her mane locked up while the fam posed for pictures.

Mamma's racing stripes Take a quick look at Mamma, settin' the trend. Racing stripes are a red-hot yes this season, and while Boo Boo's matriarch keeps the look casual and comfortable, I'm hoping y'all will try out the style in a sleek, bold pant (BDG Twig Mid-Rise Jean - Red Stripe, $58.00).