Starbucks 5K Complete!

This whole time change has me so screwed up! I hate that it's dark at 5:30PM and hate that it puts me in a depressing mood. Boooo! I think it's doing something to Howie because he is acting a little crazy today.

I started working out and getting ready for the Starbucks 5K almost five weeks ago. It's crazy that it's already passed by. You work out for five weeks for an event that lasts 30 minutes. That sounds like my wedding...but, planning for that took almost a year.

Anyway, I got the race today feeling pretty nervous. I decided to do it by myself and just have fun. I ended up placing 9th out of 68 people. Not bad! I'm actually very happy with the outcome. It could have been worse...I could have got last. I'm finally home and ready to throw on my pajamas and "veg."

Talk to ya in the AM!