Snoring? (my wife hates it)

Is Your Guy’s Snoring Keeping You Up? 5 Ways To Get Some Sleep from

Roll Your Snorer Over Is your guy a back sleeper? If so, it could be causing him to snore. As the tongue relaxes it sinks toward the back of the mouth, blocking airflow, and sleeping on your back makes it even easier for this to happen.

Help Him Breathe Better Nasal strips might not look sexy, but they may help turn your snorer into a silent snoozer. Available over-the-counter at most drug stores, the strips work by opening up blocked airways.

Go On a Snoring Diet Sometimes chronic snoring is related to eating spicy meals. The acid in spicy food can irritate the throat and tissues of the upper airways, causing them to collapse, which is when snoring begins. Being overweight is another cause of snoring - too much extra fat around the neck puts pressure on the airways.

Stop Unhealthy Habits Drinking too much alcohol before bedtime can encourage snoring by relaxing the muscles of the upper airways and suppressing breathing. Smoking is also associated with snoring because nicotine can irritate the throat and weaken airway tissue, so urge your partner to quit.

Discourage Sleeping Pills Nix the sleeping pills, at least for him. They may help your partner drift off but he's likely to snore more: Sleep aids relax those throat muscles and lead to some serious noise.