The Six Sixes

Hey ladies, any truth to this? 


The Six Sixes from

Women have come up with a system of their own to weed out the Average Joe's from the Brad Pitts.


A six-figure salary: These days a six-figure salary isn't much, but it's sure as hell better than a five-figure salary. Five figures is fine for your average Joe, but to many ambitious women five figures screams middle class.

At least six feet tall: It almost goes without saying that taller men are more attractive to women. Six feet is a good starting point, it's sort of like how guys think of a 36C cup size. Height suggests safety and security. We like to feel small and protected in the arms of our guy. A man who's two inches taller than us is not likely to make us feel sexy or taken care of.

At least 600 horsepower in his car: All right, a guy doesn't absolutely need a 600-horsepower car. But he does have to drive a car that's powerful. A Chevy Aveo isn't going to cut it. A Mercedes, BMW, Lexus or Bentley is a good pick for the fancier girl. For a more laid-back type, an SUV or Audi would be a good choice. But no matter what, station wagons, hatchbacks, minivans or small budget cars are out if you want to impress Dream Girl.

A six-pack abdomen: A six-pack is just an added bonus but it's a big one. Sure, a guy without one can be attractive but there's nothing more pleasurable than touching a guy who's hard as a rock. It makes sex that much more fun. Plus a guy in shape is more likely to go all night. A guy who's flabby? Not so much.

At least six months since last relationship: This is an important one for anyone, male or female. If a woman is looking for a keeper, she's looking for someone emotionally available and that means someone who is well over his last relationship and not looking for a quick fix for his broken heart. There's nothing worse than knowing you are the rebound girl.

At least six inches below the belt: This sixth point of the Six Sixes is likely to be the one that makes guys the most nervous -- or the most confident depending on where they stand. To be fair not all women need a guy who's at least six inches. But those women are generally not highly sexual.