Little Kid Big Hero

Have you ever heard of a 9 year old boy asking for only donations of dog and cat food for his birthday presents? No? Then let me introduce you to Gavin  who turned 9 yesterday (1/20/2012) and this is what he asked for his birthday. Would you look at all the donations he got for the animals at our humane society! His mom and him brought in this much needed food today and some of the staff and volunteers along with our president got the chance to thank him and shake his hand. What a wonderful thing for a young boy to ask for. I hope that more children look at him as a example. I think he is really pawsome for thinking of our animals on his birthday! Gavin Sanders, I give you 4 paws up for this wonderful deed that you have done. Happy Birthday and a HUGE thank you from all of the animals, staff and volunteers at the Owensboro Humane Society. Many tail wags and purrs to you and your family.