iPhone 4s Tips

10 Tips And Tricks For The iPhone 4S And Older Models from huffingtonpost.com

Turn Off "Setting Time Zone"
Could the battery drain on the iPhone 4S be caused by a bug in Apple's iOS 5 operating system? It sure is a popular theory, though Apple hasn't responded yet.

Get Rid Of Push Notifications You Don't Care About
This is especially important if you're someone who gets really excited about new apps, downloads them and then forgets about them days later. "Push notifications" are notifications sent by third-party apps straight to your phone through Apple's servers; when you have lots of them enabled, they can wear down your battery.

Turn Down The Lights On Your Screen
A super-bright screen is a super-battery-sucking screen, too. Decreasing the brightness on your iPhone and really anything with a screen can help increase the amount of time the battery stays alive.


Lock Up Your Phone
When you put your phone down on the table, or in your pocket, the display probably doesn't need to be illuminated for any reason. iPhone owners should practice locking their phone when it's not in use by pressing the slender silver button on top of the phone. You can also set the auto-lock feature to kick in after a shorter amount of time, which will lock the phone and turn off its display light sooner.

Turn Off Location Services For Apps That Don't Need Your Location
Does Facebook really need to know where you are all the time? How about Shazam or Pandora? You can choose which apps have access to your location in the Location Services section of the settings.

Turn Off Siri's Raise To Speak Function
Many iPhone 4S owners have reported that "Raise to Speak," a Siri function that allows users to lift the phone to their ears to activate Siri, is causing battery drain. Unless you use it often, turn it off.

Fetch, Don't Push, Your Email
You probably don't need to read each email the second it reaches your phone. When "Push" is enabled for your email it does just that, forcing email from the servers onto your phone immediately. Switch it to "Fetch" so that your phone is checking for new email less frequently.

Close Out Your Background Apps
With iOS 4, Apple introduced the ability for apps to run in the background while another app is open. This means that you can listen to streaming music on Pandora and Spotify while checking your email and that you can talk over Skype while surfing the Internet. It also means that apps can keep running and eating up battery life hours and days after you last used them. Apple's iOS 5 doesn't do battery usage breakdown by app but exiting out of your old apps could both preserve your battery and speed up a sluggish phone.

Stop Checking For Wi-Fi All The Time
If you're walking around and not actively looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot, then turn Wi-Fi off in your settings to save a little bit of power.

Go To The Genius Bar
If none of this helps, set up an appointment at the Genius Bar. Sometimes you might just have a lemon of a device or you have a corrupt contact causing havoc or your iOS 5 download went haywire without you even knowing it. In that case, brave the crowds at your local Apple Store and belly up to the Genius Bar.