Identity Theft Criminal who looks like LeBron


One of THE biggest criticisms of Instagram is that it's all just people posting photos of their dogs, babies, and meals.  We can't do anything about the dogs and babies.  But THIS might be a good lesson about posting endless photos of food.  This week, 44-year-old Nathanial Maye of Fort Lauderdale, Florida was arrested . . . and some credit goes to a photo of a steak he posted on Instagram.


On Monday night, Nathanial and his girlfriend, 34-year-old Tiwanna Thomason, went to Morton's Steakhouse with friend . . . who was working undercover for the IRS.  Nathanial was suspected of running an identity theft ring.  And at the dinner, he gave his friend a flash drive with 46 stolen identities on it.  He ALSO took a photo of his steak and posted it on Instagram with the caption "Morton's."  Nathanial and Tiwanna were arrested on Tuesday night.  And prosecutors will be able to use the photo of the steak to prove it really WAS Nathanial at Morton's giving the stolen identities to the IRS's cooperating witness.  Nathanial and Tiwanna are both facing federal identity theft charges.  Is it us or does he look like LeBron James?