Facebook Fixes


New Facebook changes annoying to you?  Here are some easy fixes.



Problem 1: News Ticker shoving TMI updates in your face

Solution: Install Facebook News Ticker Remover on Google Chrome or the Facebook Ticker Removal on Firefox. The add-on will automatically remove the feature.

Problem 2: Facebook Timeline shares your worst moments with the world

Solution: You might not be able to erase all those bad photos and statuses from the past, but you can control who gets to see them. Just pull down the menu next to the Home button on your Facebook page and click Privacy Settings then Timeline Viewer Settings. From there, scroll down to Limit the Audience for Past Posts column and hit the Manage Past Post Visibility tab. Click OK and your timeline goes from public to friends only.

Problem 3: Your Facebook subscribers keep spamming you

Solution: To turn off Facebook Subscribe, click on Subscriptions in the left side menu. From there, click Edit under Subscribers and switch On to Off.

Problem 4: Gallery photos take too long to load

Solution: Installing Revert Facebook Photo Viewer on Google Chrome or Facebook Photo Theater Killer on Firefox will show your photos in Facebook Classic style. Firefox users also have to have the Greasemonkey add-on installed first.

Problem 5: Facebook apps share too much info about you

Solution: Just go to Privacy Settings, click Edit Settings next to Apps and Websites, and then hit Edit Settings by the Instant Personalizations Header. From there, uncheck the "Enable instant personalization on all partner sites" tab.

Problem 6: Annoying app invites

Solution: Go to Privacy Settings and select Manage Blocking next to Blocked People and Apps. Then enter the person's name in the Block App Invites field. It'll be over for all those unwanted game invites.