Being a Parent is tough

These days, it takes parents twenty minutes to get their kids to go to bed and about 25% say that it takes them a half hour.  Some parents hate to admit that they'll just give into their kids' demands and let them "finish this level" or "watch five more minutes of a TV show". When it came to bribes, 17% of parents said that they told their kids they can have a later bedtime on the weekend, 28% say that can watch more TV, and 6% are bribed with sweets. One third of parents surveyed said they never read a bed time story to their children while 44% said they are too tired.  Parents said that after working all day, the hardest part is putting their kids to bed while they're tired... (harder than the daily commute).  Sometimes I swear Ryder got a hold of some meth because he is wired talking to himself in his room for like 2 hours before he falls asleep.  What do you have trouble getting your kid to do?  If your answer is everything, then they're probably 3 like mine.