Are you ready for marriage? Take this test.

Rabbi Jonathan Romain has come up with 20 questions to help couples decide whether or not they are compatible. He hopes to reduce the divorce rate from 50% to one-in-16. Romain says, I ask people to fill in the question sheets without consulting each other and then get them to compare the answers,’ he said. ‘Sometimes this results in squeals of delight at being spot on, other times groans at getting it wrong."

What is his/her favorite food?

Does he/she want to have a pet at some stage?

Does he/she have any allergies?

What was one of the happiest moments of your partner's life before he/she met you?

What has been the saddest moment of his/her life so far?

Does he/she want children and if so, how many and when?

How often does your partner like to visit his/her family?

What special family traditions does your partner have that he/she wishes to continue?

What type of holidays does he/she like best?

Does your partner believe in saving or spending what he/she earns?

Do you find it easy to know what birthday present to get him/her?

Where would he/she like to be living in a few years?

What person has most influence on him/her apart from you?

What is his/her greatest regret?

Does he/she want joint or separate bank accounts or both?

What type of education does he/she want for any children?

What is his/her ideal view of the future?

Are there any habits or characteristics of yours that he/she does not like?

What would you most like to change about him/her?

What are the main values he/she has?