8 Things Guys Notice about You right away

Ummmm....I think you forgot something....


1. How Thick Your Hair Is--This is all about evolution. Since caveman days, dudes have been drawn to thick hair, which signal that a woman is healthy.

2. If Your Smile Is Genuine--Sometimes your eyes crinkle a bit when you smile. Most men are good at distinguishing the vibe of this kind of smile, which says you’re relaxed and fun.

3. The Size of Your Group--You don’t want a big bunch  because it’ll be hard for him to approach. You also don’t want just one friend  because he’ll figure you wouldn’t desert her to talk to him. The perfect crew size is three. Your two buds can keep each other company when you slip away.

4. The Pitch of Your Voice--Studies show that men are drawn to voices in a slightly higher register, probably because they’re signs of youth and reproductive health.

5. Your Hip-to-Waist Ratio--Yet again, human history. Men look for baby mamas. If your waist is smaller than your hips, it signifies fertility.

6. Your Glowiness--Guys associate a radiant complexion with good mental health. That’s because stress and anxiety usually cause breakouts and dull skin.

7. What’s Fake About You--Not personality-fake, but artificial-fake: lashes, hair extensions, etc. To guys, these things say high-maintenance! Not good.

8. Your Eyes--People focus on eyes more than they do on any other body part.