35 Details women wish their men would remember


1. Her bra size.

2. Her daily coffee order.

3. That random thing she said last week when she thought you were ignoring her.

4. The brand of tampons she prefers.

5. When she went through her goth phase.

6. How she likes her eggs.

7. The sport she played in middle school that she was terrible at.

8. Her favorite grandparent (and when they passed).

9. How she met her best friend.

10. Her signature scent (just the smell of it, not necessarily the name).

11. How she got that scar on her knee.

12. The name of her beloved childhood pet.

13. Her favorite brand of shampoo.

14. Which pillow she prefers in bed.

15. Her shoe size.

16. Which of her sports bras can go in the dryer.

17. The movie she likes to watch when she’s sad.

18. The thing her parents did that scarred her for life.

19. Her favorite PMS food.

20. That she wants a cup of coffee with cream, no sugar, and one square of  salted, dark chocolate when she has to work on the weekends.

21. That she hate cabernets and merlots.

22. When her parents are coming to town (and that you should be extra compassionate that weekend).

23. The book that changed her life.

24. Her astrological sign.

25. Her boss’ name.

26. Who she lost her virginity to (and why she’s glad she didn’t end up with that guy).

27. Where she wants to go on her dream vacation.

28. When her favorite TV show is one so you can leave her alone for that hour.

29. Her sibling’s birthday.

30. Where she prefers to buy her underwear (American Eagle, not Victoria’s Secret).

31. The outfit she was wearing on your first date.

32. Her favorite flower or plant.

33. The emo song that got her through college.

34. If she prefers silver, gold, or rose gold jewelry.

35. The name of the bastard who broke her heart.