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Justin Timberlake's Summer Tour!

YES YES YES! You did not die and go to heaven. Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z are hitting the road this summer for their Legends of the Summer Stadium Tour! Tickets go on sale February 28th at 10 am. Set your alarm. Call your girlfriends. Here are the dates:

7/17  Toronto, ON

7/19  New York, NY

7/22  Chicago, IL

7/26  San Francisco, CA

7/28  Los Angeles, CA

7/31  Vancouver, BC

8/04  Hershey, PA

8/06  Detroit, MI

8/10  Boston, MA

8/13  Philadelphia, PA

8/16 Miami, FL

The Best Thing Ever

If you have to submit a question on, the answer is probably no, it's not normal. Lol some of these are too funny. "Is it normal to be obsessed with drawing my toes?" .... No. "Is it normal to eat coffee with a spoon?" .... No, and it's gross too. I think some people know the answer, but find their weirdness amusing, and that's cool. Who's "normal" anyway? :) 


Pro or Con?

Dogs are a lot of work; you can't just get up and leave for the weekend, they require time, money and exercise, and they're a lot of mess. Getting a dog is a big decision.

So it makes sense that dating someone with a dog is a big decision as well. I found this article, 10 Reasons Not To Date a Dog Owner, and it makes a lot of great points. I happen to be a dog owner, and my dog sleeps with me and takes up a lot of my time.

The Best Thing Ever 7/25



Let me claire-ify. First, I think it's sad. (Tisk tisk, Kristen! Just when you think you know someone.) I do think she really loved Rob, and I'm sure he is heartbroken. It's really a shame.

BUT LET'S JUST BE SERIOUS..... Rob is dreamy and I love him, and maybe this is my chance.

 I seriously can't believe it! No rumors swirling around, just BOOM, she cheated. How long ago did she cheat? Has Rob known for awhile?

LOL, Men vs Women on Instagram

Instagram is my favorite app (I love it), but let's face it, it's full of the same pointless pictures. Food, feet, view of the sky, duckface, repeat. We're all guilty of it. What's also true is that there's a huge difference between what pictures guys and girls post. If you haven't noticed it yet, or you just want a good laugh, click the link below.

Athletes hook up during the Olympics?!

Bascially, Olympians fly into the host country and stay at what's known as "Olympic Village".... and when they aren't competing, they're hooking up.


Summer Sanders talks, as well as swimmer Ryan Lochte who says that if he had to guess, 70 to 75 percent of the athletes are having sex during their time there.

Are Men Supposed to Like Sports?

I grew up around sports. I played from the age of 5 until the age of 18, when I started watching them instead. I've been talking to a guy recently. He's smart, has average taste in music, is mature, sweet... and nerdy. He's NOT athletic. He doesn't work out (never dated a guy who doesn't make time for the gym) and while he doesn't dislike sports, he's not really into them. I definitely watch more ESPN than him, and I DON'T like that.

On the flip side, I don't know if I could handle dating a guy who was like OBSESSED with a certain team or sport.

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