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Words you're probably mispronouncing

1. "Mischievous."  You might be saying "miss-CHEEV-ee-us."  But it's supposed to be "MISS-chiv-us."



Rock n Roll Grandma

I think everyone has or knows someone who has a grandma like this.


Kids will sleep anywhere

What does mommy's bum sound like?

Great Family Feud Clip

Steve Harvey's reactions make it. 


Justin Bieber grants 200th Make-a-Wish

He has to be given credit here.   He's not the top wish granter however.  It's the WWE's John Cena who's closing in on his 400th wish.  Still.....both are impressive. 

COOL app alert

Just downloaded a few and "Lemon Wallet" is one of them.  I'm always buying stuff online and have to reach for my wallet to get my card, etc.  This app makes it easy.  Another app to figure out if you're drinking enough water (you're not) called Waterin.  Check em' out here. 

Make dinner without cooking

I don't like to cook which is why this caught my attention.  43 meals to make without turning on your stove.  It's interesting.  Check it out.

Master Instagram and become a pro with these apps

Want to take your picture taking to the next level on Instagram?  Try these apps.  You'll be a pro in no time.   What would we do without Buzzfeed



Dads, get ready to cry

OH MY GOD! This made me cry. - Atom

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