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Bully Documentary Rated R

Some people thing this movie should be Rated PG-13.  What do you think? 

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Dad spends $20,000 on texting App

It could come in handy if you have teenage drivers.  Click on the link to learn more.

You're single because....

We came up with a few reasons this morning you could be single.  You’re single because:


  • you drive a van with no windows
  • you’re mom picked us up for our last date
  • you still wear cargo pants
  • you have 5 kids by 5 different guys
  • you wear a gold rope chain
  • you hang out at high school parties and you’re 27
  • you have your ex baby daddy’s name tattooed on your upper boob
  • you walk around Walmart with a camera on your shoe

TSA pats down 3 year old in leg cast

Well he certainly looks like a terrorist.  Phewww....thanks TSA for making me feel safe from terrorists in pull ups. 


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The Naked Face Project

Two women in North Carolina are going au naturel for 60 days to find their confidence again.   They have given up wearing make-up, dying, curling or straightening their hair, wearing heels, tight skirts and jewelry and painting toe nails.  They even launched a website where they talk about the project.  They say they feel naked without makeup and all the extras but they learning a lot from the experience.  What do you think ladies?  How long could YOU go?

AM I Skanky?



We took the quiz today and Claire who was filling in for Shawnda came up as "Not at all Skanky" along with Angie from Henderson.  Atom's came up as "A Lot Skanky" lol.  Take the Quiz and find out where you are on the skank-o-meter.

$1 million lottery winner still on welfare

Here Are Five Things That Cost More Per Gallon Than Gas . . . Including Beer

Until yesterday, the price of gas had gone up for 27 days in a row . . . the average price in the U.S. is $3.76 a gallon.  But if we bought OTHER liquids by the gallon, they'd be WAY more expensive. 


#1.)  Printer toner:  Toner for printer cartridges would go for $800 a gallon.

#2.)  Robitussin:  Eight ounces of cough syrup are $6.50, which is $103.68 a gallon.

#3.)  Red Bull:  At around two bucks for an 8.4 ounce can, it's $31.84 a gallon.

Why gas will be $5 a gallon

8 reasons why gas will hit $5 a gallon this year


The price of gas is a widely covered news item these days. Oil prices have moved up from $75 a barrel in October of last year to more than $100 a barrel currently. And the trend continues to point toward even higher oil prices. Of course, along with the price of oil, gas prices have also risen, almost in lockstep.

The price of gasoline today is 10 percent higher than it was just two months ago. The average price for a gallon of regular is almost $3.62.

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