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Madonna's nasty feet

OH MAN!  This be just straight nasty. Pics of  Madonna's un pedicured crusty old woman toes.  Total deal breaker for me.  My wife's got pretty feet and I still won't touch them. 

Google Glasses are here

Google Glasses are finally here.  The screen shot is really cool in this article in the Daily Mail.  But is this just another thing to distract us while we walk, run, drive, etc.?   We can wear them during sex while looking at a Kim Kardashian picture right?

Hello? 911? My burger is nasty

A woman called 911 to complain about her burger being nasty.  Apparently that is not an emergency.  Great Mug Shot included here.

Stalker App

This is why I don't do foursquare.  I don't want people knowing where I am at all times.  Why are we so obsessed with that?  My wife wants to check me in on Facebook everywhere we go.  I'm like, "Why do you feel the need to let everyone know we're at Target because we're out of toothpaste and toilet paper? 

This new app  let's you see women around you and links to their Facebook profile, pics, etc.  Creepy.

Woman hides drugs in dentures

First the butt, now in the dentures.  Is there no place safe from drug smuggling anymore? 

The Bacon Coffin

What?  You love bacon.  You're gonna die.  Why not?  Here's where you can buy the bacon coffin for a low low $3,000.

Meet the prostitute who accepts cheeseburgers as payment

What?  A girls gotta eat right?  What if she wants to have sex too?  2 + 2 = 4.  Makes perfect sense.  Here's the story that had me LOL'ing this morning.

Preacher uses stripper pole as a prop during sermon

Wow!   A preacher uses a stripper pole as a prop during a sermon.  That's different.  I think when a girl kneels down on stage by a pole she's not praying.

Hire a girlfriend for $5

Now you can hire a girl to send you text messages, Facebook poke you, even do your homework for you and other girlfriend tasks.  How much will this cost you?  $5 is the cost.  That seems kinda cheap don't you think?  Here's the site that offers you the services.

Guy plays baseball with decapitated cat heads

What kind of sicko plays baseball with decapitated cat heads?  THIS GUY brings psycho to a whole new level. 

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