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Dancing on the Treadmill like nobody's business

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Amanda Berry & Gina DeJesus's family & friends react

Family and friends of Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus react to news of their escape from captivity.  They have been missing since 2003.  I can't even imagine what a miracle this must be for the family. 


Mom tricks son into cracking egg on his head

She can't expect a mother's day gift right?  I'd give her a cracked egg to the face.  That ain't right lady.  I'm laughing, but that ain't right.

Charles Ramsey rescues Amanda Berry

Charles Ramsey is awesome.  So glad those girls are ok. 


Kid confronts Cop. Was he justified?

Guy pays off his mom's mortgage

Seeing Eye People


A group of improv actors hit the streets of New York posing as city workers helping pedestrians to text and walk.  They led cell phone-fixated civilians across busy crosswalks using.  Take a look at people's reactions.  

Meow ring tone confuses cat

This is wrong (but funny)

Who Let the Dogs Out (Best version ever!)

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