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Nov 2, 2011

Hey ladies, any truth to this? 


The Six Sixes from

Women have come up with a system of their own to weed out the Average Joe's from the Brad Pitts.


A six-figure salary: These days a six-figure salary isn't much, but it's sure as hell better than a five-figure salary. Five figures is fine for your average Joe, but to many ambitious women five figures screams middle class.

At least six feet tall: It almost goes without saying that taller men are more attractive to women.

Oct 18, 2011

According to a new survey, 68% of office workers say they've seen a coworker use the bathroom and not wash their hands.  Men see it more than women, 75% to 61%.  Of the people surveyed who admitted to using the bathroom without washing their hands, 69% said they don't always wash because their hands aren't really dirty.   8% say they don't have time . . . 4% say they skipped it because the bathroom was out of soap or towels . . .

Oct 18, 2011

--Burger King's Meat Monster.  In Japan, Burger King serves a double bacon cheeseburger with a grilled chicken breast on top.  All on one bun.  I want one



--McDonald's McVeggie.  In India, where Hindus don't eat beef, McDonald's doesn't serve hamburgers.  Their McVeggie features a patty made out of bread, potato, peas, carrots, and Indian spices.



Oct 18, 2011

A Washington man made his 16-year-old daughter put on armor and sword fight with him for two hours as punishment for running away from home. The girl fought her dad in the armor with a shield and sword for two hours before she collapsed.  She was badly bruised but eventually managed to send a text to one of her friends, who called police. When detectives arrived at the home, dad told them he was a "Renaissance Fighter." Her stepmother was arrested with the dad for not intervening.

Oct 11, 2011

According to this article here are things your man can say to put you in the mood.  Agree or disagree?


“I screwed up, and want to hear your thoughts.” Admit what you did. Confessing an error in judgment leaves you exposed and vulnerable, which makes her want to wrap you in her arms and make everything all better.

“Did you know you have a heart shaped freckle on the back of your left thigh?” After the first few months of sex, it sort of becomes cut-to-the-chase down and dirty lovin’. Mapping out her body puts her in the mood for incredible sex.

Oct 9, 2011

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Sep 14, 2011

Forever 21 has pulled its "Allergic to Algebra" shirts, after receiving complaints from critics and retail customers.  Just weeks ago,  JCPenney's pulled their, "I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me". Critics say that these shirts are telling young girls that it is more important to be pretty than smart. A senior marketing manager for Forever 21 released a statement, saying, “We would like to apologize to our customers as our intent was not to discredit education and we are taking the proper actions necessary.”

Aug 18, 2011

1. Trap slugs and snails: Place dishes or jars of beer around your garden, especially in the evening. In the morning, the slimy critters, which have been drawn by the beer's aroma/fermentation, will have drowned. The beer can be re-used until it evaporates for garden pest control.

2. Trap fruit flies: If you keep a compost pail in your kitchen, you will also likely have fruit flies. Just place a jar or can of beer on the kitchen counter. Cover the top with plastic wrap or paper, leaving a small opening for the flies to get into.

Aug 10, 2011

A self-professed ‘protector of women' was busted for public intoxication at an Iowa City, Iowa mall.

He told cops he's "needed" there to "protect women." He goes by the name "Captain Save-A-Ho."

He looked hammered and told cops he was "a little drunk" but refused breath tests.

He's been charged with public intoxication.


Aug 2, 2011

Happy Shark Week!  You might be surprised by some of these on the list.  Click here.